The Legendary Cash Box Magazine Charts
Chart data collected by Randy Price

What was tops on the record charts the day you were born? Your graduation day? Your wedding day? Pick a decade. Pick a year. Pick a week. Let the fun begin.

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The Cash Box Archives

The data for the weekly charts on this site were gathered from The Cash Box Singles Charts, 1950-1981 by Frank Hoffmann (covering the period from August 1956 through 1981); the collections of original issues at the Swem Library at the College of William & Mary (1944-1949) and the Library of Congress (1950-July 1956); and the microfilm collection at the Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, New York (1982 onward). (Chart data errors in the Hoffmann book were corrected by consulting the original charts from the sources cited above, as well as my personal collection of original issues and charts.)

Joel Whitburn’s Record Research books and other sources were consulted to determine the accuracy of song titles, artist and label names, and record numbers. For information on Record Research’s Cash Box chart books, click here.

A special thank you to Mike Thompson, whose databasing expertise contributed significantly to the accuracy of the chart listings on these pages.

And thanks to Paul Maclauchlan, whose inspiration and original design were responsible for getting this archive started.